The legality of online gambling in the United States is questionable. Bitcoin gambling is a way of getting around the uncertainty involved in online gambling. The US Government doesn’t officially have a stance on Bitcoins which puts it just outside the reach of the law.

It’s fairly easy to get started gambling. All that is really necessary is a Bitcoin wallet. It’s just pay and play once you’ve chosen your service. There is a wide array of gambling opportunities available. Some people like the lottery and a wide variety are available. If you want something more complicated there is a place where you can bet on when and what things will happen in the world. Casino games are always popular and there are a number of different casinos available. The simplest game listed is just a random number generator that pays out if you roll higher than 50.5. There are maze type games or just straight sports betting. Gambling is extremely popular, and odds are good that someone is offering exactly what someone wants to gamble on.

The US Government has yet to make a move on Bitcoin gambling. However, given that some government agencies have already begun treating Bitcoins as a form of currency, it is likely only a matter of time before sites begin getting seized.

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