Criminal Services

The illegal world of Bitcoins trading is not so easily entered as just typing a website into your browser. The first and most important thing you will need is a Bitcoin wallet. That particular item is discussed elsewhere on the site. With your wallet in hand you are ready to begin the entry level illegal action of online gambling.

What if you want more than simple gambling? What if your tastes are less for betting and more for buying? For that, you’ll need a new tool. You will need Tor.

Tor is short hand for, “the onion routing network”. Tor is a second generation onion routing system which has significant improvements over the first generation of onion routing systems. Put in simple terms Tor is a program that allows users to browse the web anonymously. It does this by connecting users to a random chain of other computers running Tor. When you type in a website Tor encrypts your request, and sends it down the chain. One of these computers serves as an exit node which looks up the website you requested. It then encrypts the website and sends it back across the chain to your computer. This action has been described as forming layer like an onion to prevent others from knowing the origin, destination, or contents of a request.

The first thing that helps anonymity is the difficulty in determining if your computer is relaying the message for another computer or actually receiving it. The second is due to the Tor network running in many different countries. It is possible that a single request can route through more than 5 different countries before reaching an exit node.

The anonymity gained from Tor is a great benefit, but that is not the real reason for using it. Tor allows access to hidden websites which some refer to as the deep web. The deep web has become a sort of internet boogieman that people spin tales of horror about. While it is true one can find anything from drugs to assassins on the deep web, the more wild rumors are merely rumors.

Hidden websites are set up using the Tor network. The method for doing this is outside the scope of this website. The hidden websites use .onion links as their address. The .onion links can only be recognized by the Tor network, and due to how the websites are set up, only the Tor program can send or receive data from them. These are the websites that feature the more illegal side of possible Bitcoin transactions.

Setting up Tor for use on your computer can be quite an ordeal. At least, it used to be. Since the creation of the Tor browser bundle using Tor is as easy as a single download.

These days, literally anybody can access the deep web. That having been said, very few people should access the deep web. There is almost nothing there that isn’t illegal that isn’t also available on the normal internet. Unless you’re up to no good there is very little reason to be there, and the average user is advised to avoid using Tor.

Services There are many things that can be bought with Bitcoins that don’t directly involve physical goods. These services are quite varied. The price for a normal thief or a forger is much lower than the price of an assassin, but all of them can be bought if you know where to look. The 3 below were chosen as good representations of the range available. They were also chosen due to their relative harmlessness compared to some of the other services available.

Buttery Bootlegging

Buttery Bootlegging is a service that allows one to hire a thief who specializes in stealing from stores. As to why someone would want a thief is between the person hiring and the person being hired.

This thief uses the name Dangler, and taking the whole never trust a thief saying to heart, included a page specifically on trust. On this page, to encourage trust, Dangler says, “I send you a picture of the item before you give me the bitcoins.” That proves Dangler has what you wanted, but not that you’ll ever get it.

Trust is a secondary issue when hiring a thief isn’t it. One would want to know what the thief can steal and what they have stolen before even considering them. The thief lists 5 items under their accomplishments and 7 stores under the places they can work. They are by no means a great thief, but they serve as a decent example of an illegal service one could purchase.

Match Fixing

This is a service that allows one to buy into the betting pool for a fixed sporting match. The setup is simple. The minimum buy in is $20,000 usd and the maximum is $100,000. The payout is the initial bet plus half the winnings from the bet.

Rent a SWAT Team

This is among the more strange services available. This person is offering to call a SWAT team into an area. No word on how they intend on doing so, but most people don’t share their methods.

There are 3 levels this person is offering. The first level is just a few cops to scare someone. The second level brings many cops that will raid a house. The third level sends a full SWAT team to a location. The seller will also give the police a specific scenario if requested.

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