Bitcoin Websites – This is the flagship site of bitcoin. It contains all the basic information that new users will need to begin using bitcoin. It – This is a good information site that is fueled by the bitcoin community. It has a database of previously asked questions and answers about bitcoins. The site also allows for users to ask new questions, which helps to expand the available knowledge. – This is a great introductory site. even has a delightful video that explains how bitcoin works. – If you are just getting into the bitcoin game or if you are a long time user this site gives up to date information about the value and use of bitcoins on a day to day basis. There are several different ways to view the charts in order to represent whatever information you are looking for. – This is the site for the Mt. Gox exchange. Everything needed to create an account and start trading and buying bitcoins is available here, and all on the largest bitcoin exchange. – This is the site that is relays the blockchain information of bitcoin. It interprets the blockchain and gives stats on the addresses and transactions that are occurring over the bitcoin network. No need to worry though, Bitcoin is still anonymous, and the info given on this site cannot be used to steal your bitcoin identity.

The bitcoin wiki <> - This is the Wiki page for Bitcoin, and has a vast wealth of information, and links to other bitcoin related sites and information. – An open forum for the discussion of bitcoin. A great resource for those that are looking for information and answers to bitcoin questions. – A bitcoin news site that has a wealth of information on the people and technology behind bitcoin.

These are just a handful of the websites that are available on the internet, but they have a reliable following, and a vast knowledgebase.

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