Bitcoin Community

The bitcoin community is definitely a special thing. It represents the entirety of everyone that is currently using and participating in the bitcoin experience. This is not only the people that have chosen to use bitcoin, but the businesses that have begun to accept it as a form of payment.

Let's make a quick note about the fact that bitcoin is an open source project, and that all the work done to get bitcoin up and running was essentially volunteer work done by people who believe in bitcoin. All the money necessary to buy servers and equipment for this project come from donations from the bitcoin community. This means that even when bitcoin was just an idea, that the developers believed enough to give their time and energy to the project for free.

This is one thing that makes the bitcoin community something that has really surprised some of the more cynical critics. There is a big chunk of bitcoin users that support it with such vigor that the currency may never die.

If you were looking to become active in the community there are several online forums that allow for open conversation and discussion of bitcoins. In addition there is also a bitcoin convention that occurs where people come together to celebrate and talk about all things related to bitcoin.

If you are looking to become an active member of the bitcoin community here is a list of popular bitcoin forums.

Reddit has very active bitcoin community at

Bitcoin talk is another widely used open forum, and can be found at

Bitcoin also has active facebook and Google+ pages that can be friended or +1'd.

"I Lost $50,000 in Bitcoin Crash, but I'm Still a Believer." - Yousuf, Hibah.

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